Ashley Ware-Lane

Ashley and Mari Ware-Lane (Cape Town, South Africa)

Ashley is the Kiting Advisor on the Cape Town International Kite Festival organising committee. He and his wife Mari hail from Cape Town and have been attending the Cape Town International Kite Festival since 2003. They have built up quite a collection of bought and home-made kites over the years including stunt kites, single lines, wind-socks and inflatables.
Ashley initially started making stunt kites because he couldn’t find the ones he wanted in South Africa. But he soon realised what he describes as the ‘wow factor’ of single lines. He then began creating his own. In 2012 Mari finished creating her first kite – a 3.5 metre frog single-line inflatable made from Bernhard Dingwerth’s plans. Not to be outdone Ashley made a 3.5m Nemo also from Bernhard’s plans. They have since made a pair of parrots, crocodiles, penguins and a Pink Panther inflatable replica made by Mari. At the 2014 they lost a Nemo and parrots in extremely strong winds. For 2015 they are creating a new, even bigger Nemo and other surprises.
In addition to flying kites they both have full-time careers and are involved in voluntary rescue work in the Western Cape and 4x4ing.
Their biggest and most prized possession is a David Gomberg ‘Blue Meanie’ as well as 7m Peter Lynne Red Teddy Bear.  “Our ultimate kiting experience is flying the kites at Blouberg on a lazy summer afternoon and seeing people taking photos of them with Table Mountain in the background.” They say an annual kiting highlight is supporting Cape Mental Health at the Kite Festival, “We love to meet up with our kiting friends from all over the world and dream that one day we’ll be with them at an overseas international Kite Festival.” This dream came partly true in that they attended a Kite Festival in 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya.


Mari Ware-Lane

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