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Fund Developement 

As part of Cape Mental Health’s community-based fundraising strategy, we continuously engage with niche groups, service groups and clubs in the our immediate surroundings. We believe that local sustainability is of crucial importance, especially as an increasing number of international funders have decreased their giving in South Africa.

Our drive during the last quarter of 2015 resulted in two donations. Kimber House, an independent living arrangement for eleven residents with psychosocial disability in Observatory, received a cash grant from Design Indaba in honour of Mandela Day and received new bedding and pillows from the Crankhandle Club.

Subsequent to a visit by the fund manager, the Rolf-Stephan (RS) Nussbaum Foundation made the decision to provide operational funding to Kimber House, contributing to reducing the operational shortfall for the year. Kimber House is managed by Fountain House, a CMH work and life skills programme, that has been generously funded by RS Nussbaum Foundation for a number of years.

[ Posted 4 February 2016 ]

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